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And good morning, Las Vegas good morning USA and you are listening to inside the lockers JC and D. Hawk with you 7 to 8 a.m. this morning 7 to 8 a.m. every Sunday morning right here on 91.5 KUNV Jazz and More but today we're talking sports and more and we broadcast live from the campus UNLV every Sunday except when we're on the road In studio with you today If you happen to be traveling like we do sometimes download that KUNV app Android iPhone got it for you on either one and check us out wherever you are on Sundays. A lot to get to today. Hawk how you doing? What are you thinking about? What's the good word? Good morning Jerry. Happy football Sunday. It is football Sunday and you know I got to tell you it's so funny because you know there's a line in the movie with Will Smith you know the movie with concussions where he says you know it's hard to go up against a entity that owns a day of the week. Well, you know Thursday I had the Giants on and we'll get to them. Just getting over that now. Of course yesterday I had some great college football to talk about. Monday night's game, our Raiders won a thriller. I don't know about any more one day a week. I think you just turn the TV on. There's football going on somewhere. So, but let's get started. First thing we want to do is want to give a shout out to our hometown Las Vegas Aces who have clinched the second seed in the WNBA and the top two seeds for those of you who don't know they get a double bye meaning that they will automatically be into the semis so they will await the eighth seed should be decided today so exciting day for WNBA fans as a couple of playoff spots are still up for grabs and then five to eight will play a one game elimination and then another elimination game and then before you know it we have our Las Vegas Aces. So the Aces get a chance to rest up a little bit, heal up a little bit, work on some things and then a week from now should see them in the playoffs. So shout out to them, congrats and we wish them the best moving forward. Yesterday, let's get right to it, college football, a lot of things going on. Alabama will hold on to their number one ranking, escaping with a 31-29 win over Florida. A lot of people thought that the upset could happen. Florida certainly gave them all they could handle, and if you're noticing that two-point difference, you are correct. Florida did have a chance to tie the game on a two-point conversion late, which would have sent the game into overtime. Of course, Florida is very difficult to play at home. They were at home yesterday, could not make the two-point conversion Alabama got a couple of first downs was able to run the clock out 31 29 Number two team the nation Georgia had no trouble with South Carolina a little struggle early, but pretty much pulled away late Probably one of the better games of the night was Penn State and Auburn Number 10 ranked team in the country against number 12 15 20 ranked team in the country. Penn State got away with the win 28-20, but I want to talk about a little controversy in that game because during the game there was a discrepancy with the down marker and the referees held firm that Penn State had to punt that it was fourth down when replay definitively showed it was only third down. And I know, Hawk, you're aware of that. With all the technology and all the advancement, and the go-to-the-videotape is now such a component of sports, how does this happen? What's your take on that? And do you think that somebody should lose their job over this? That's what people are saying. What do you think? Well, I think it's inexcusable and unacceptable, especially in this day and age with the modern technology we have in the games and the replays. I don't see how you can mess that up. You say my bad, my mistake, it's third down. You force a punt, I feel like some heads should roll, but I'm pretty sure the fact that Penn

State held on to win, that it won't be too much of a blowback from it.

Well, I got to tell you that first of all that is a great point and for those of you wondering How could this happen? Here's the crazy thing. This is not the first time that it's happened now Most of the time it happens in the other direction Where people get a fifth down that has famously happened in the Colorado game where they did get a fifth down and score and won And that was during their national championship season, so that's actually a part of history, but to your point, I agree with you that it would have been even a bigger, more controversial story had it cost Penn State the game. It could have actually cost them the game. Auburn came all the way down and had the ball inside the 10, took four downs, and could not get in. I think the ball died on the three-yard line. I think some people wanted to pass interference on that throw into the end zone, for those of you watching the game. Personally, I did not think it was pass interference. I think the Auburn receiver just kind of went down taking the Penn State player down with him. And I do give the referees credit, although they bungled the down marker, I give them credit on probably the biggest play of the game was the non-call because sometimes, you know, Hawks, you see guys go down, and you know from basketball, sometimes somebody goes down and right away somebody calls a block or whatever it is. But wait a second, just because guys wind up on the floor does not always mean somebody got definitively fouled. Could be feet tangled up. Sometimes you see the video replay and the player got his own feet tangled up or slipped, right? But sometimes referees just in the moment, they see guys go crash to the ground and it did not get the call yesterday and upon looking at the replay. I don't think it was a play But what about that Hawk? Have you seen that where you know two guys go down and the referee just assumes? Because guys are on the floor something happened when really nothing happened. What do you think?

Yeah, you got a lot of actors out there. They sell they sell it sometimes But you know kudos to them, but they have a real tough job and sometimes that I You know they we they don't have the the luxury of watching that seat watching from home and saying in a slow motion and everything Right, you know unless you use your challenges now, right, which I think is a good thing But sometimes in that spur of the moment They make that right call and you might be like, oh no, that's a and then you'd like oh, no, they got it So for them for all these years before the replay to get those calls, right, you know kudos to them But we we put a lot of pressure on them Making those bad calls and sometimes they do give the offensive player to benefit a doubt for you know flopping

Yeah, oh, yeah, and and I use that word I use that word a lot to Hawk and I'm not gonna ask you to give me the answer. Maybe somebody can call in 702-895-5868, get your Webster's Dictionary out. But Hawk, what in the heck is a kudo? I say it all the time, too. Kudos. No, I know what it means, but I don't know what a kudo is, you know what I'm saying?

Can we get a call in? I'm right with you. I mean, we're at a university.

Somebody give us some edumacation on this, but I'm with you. You know what? You do raise a good point. To think about the amount of calls in all of sports, right? I mean football, baseball, basketball, etc., etc. The amount of calls that the refs get right that people think were wrong and then you look at the video replay and you're like, oh, wait a second. He got that right instantaneously, bang, bang. These guys really do an incredible job. They really do. Of course, calls have been missed throughout the year famously, but when you think about the amount of calls and the amount that gets right, I think it's incredible. But yeah, so they did get that one right, I think. Now here's another one that made the rounds yesterday, and this will bring us to Thursday night's game, that the NFL said did get right, but there was some controversy, did they get it wrong? And the NFL came out with a statement yesterday. Those who have listened to me with Galaxy Glenn on Wednesday and have been following our shows on Sunday, you know that as a native New Yorker now living in Las Vegas permanently, I have adopted the Las Vegas teams. I root for the Aces, I root for the Raiders, I root for the Golden Knights passionately. I love them all, have the jerseys, have the paraphernalia. However, I am still very much, you know, Giant Smets, Knicks Rangers.

It's always my home.

Yeah, it always will be. That's just, you know, born and raised, I will always root for them So the diehard Giants fan and the Giants I had nothing but expectations would find a way to blow that game I've been doing this a long time been doing this a long time and sure enough They did not disappoint after seemingly taking a win away with the James Bradbury Interception and then going ultra conservative I want to talk to you about Hawk about just sports in general when teams have big leads and then shut it down and Don't win playing not to lose so speak But anyway for those of you who did not watch the game It was a back-and-forth game certainly from an entertainment standpoint was a very entertaining game I know we've mentioned Hawk is a Cowboys fan, but very similar to me Roosford hometown team, so we were kind of on opposite sides texting and talking during the game For those you don't know how can I do this all during the week you guys just happen to listen to us on Sunday. We're going back and forth throughout the week. The Giants seemingly had it. Taylor Heidnicki, who shout out to him, just an incredible job he did in the playoffs last year against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And then he was supposed to be an afterthought yet again. And on first week, Ryan Fitzpatrick goes down. And sure enough, here he is thrust in the spotlight. And he has not disappointed the few chances he's received. He's really played well. So with all that, he brings the team down and it looks like the Redskins are gonna attempt a 48-yard field goal to win the game. It's 29-27 Giants, five seconds left in the game. He's done his job, everybody trots out. Okay, here we go. Field goal kicker goes and misses. They both teams are out of timeouts, this is very key. I think it's really great, Hawk, when you know both teams are out of timeouts and a kicker knows that he cannot be iced. As opposed to, you're always waiting for that last second timeout from the opposing coach for the ice, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. How many times have we seen where the coach did call timeout, the kicker missed it, and then he gets the real chance and then he makes it and the coach is kicking himself, oh my God, what did I do? But we've seen it work as well So hard to say what's the right thing to do? But pretty much the rule of thumb is don't take any, you know timeouts into the locker room with you So they ice the kicker just to follow that principle But in this particular game, both teams are out of timeouts making last-second drives against each other So when the field goal kicker came out, he knew he could not be iced So the mechanics everything is a smooth operation and he misses and it looks like I can finally celebrate the Giants who for 8 straight years have opened up 0-2. I'm finally going to get 1-1 and see what the Giants can do this year. But wait a second, not so fast. Just before you would want to go to commercial, there's that yellow laundry on the field and I'm like, well what could this be? What could it be? Oh my God, Dexter Lawrence offsides Giants and he clearly from the replay was off sides in my opinion and of course the Redskins got another chance he puts it right to the uprights of course now it's five yards shorter so it's a forty three yard kick instead of a forty eight yard kick and it goes you know through the middle but the controversy was somebody had put some tape out there and this is the thing you gotta be careful of when talking about video tape somebody had synchronized the tape very slightly, manipulated it to where it looked like. Dexter Lawrence timed it perfectly so that it was so perfect that on the snap he moved, which of course would simulate offsides but technically not offsides because the ball didn't get snapped before he was in that neutral zone. This had made its way around to enough people that there was kind of like this outcry of like the Giants got robbed That's how serious it had grown and finally other people who you know smart enough to say wait a second You know a lot of people can like dr. Tapes now So they did get to the bottom of it last Night the NFL came out and said that they have the original tape that it's clearly offside I thought it was offsides in a moment. I saw it when it happened so For those watching the game, you know, it did not look like an optical illusion. It looked like he clearly was off sides. And then one of the funnier things, I'm not really a big social media guy, but I want to ask you, Hawk, what about some of these things that happen in sports and then the outpouring of these memes? I watch a good ten minutes of them because I'm always on the floor. So they have all these different things in history about somebody crying or whatever it is and then they show a clip of that crying and it's like, and then they put the words under it you know giant fans after Dexter Lawrence or somebody screaming you know no I think I even sent you a couple of them Hawk but are you someone who gets into that what do they call it the rabbit hole right when you get stuck just watching video after video after video have you done any rabbit hole on memes when something

happens in sports you're not really your cup of tea well not I mean not purposely Not purposely, but once something goes viral it's out there. It's like it's hard to miss it so on your timeline You're forced to go down the rabbit hole because think about the Jordan cry face Oh, yeah, that's one of the more famous ones for sure and then LeBron cry face anytime something happens They're gonna throw that in there so every everything has this time And you know it runs its course until something else takes over.

But I gotta tell you, there was a lot of memes and I'm just, as a giant fan, I'm just owing to it. The thing that bothers me most about a team that starts off bad year after year, and there's been a lot of bad franchises, I mean the Lions are bad, the Pistons have been famously bad for a while after being, of course, great for so many years. But man, I gotta tell you, when you're a really, really diehard hometown sports fan and a season is four months long, Hawk, and like three weeks in, you can't even root anymore because you're out of it, that is crushing. It's crushing. And when you have a 16 and now this year, a 17 game season, and you're like 0-3, 0-4, I mean, that's it. Mail it in. It's a wrap. Where are you going? Where are you going at 0-4 in the NFL? I think the statistics are ridiculous. One percent of the teams in history have made the playoffs after starting 0-4. I think the Washington Redskins are one of the more famous teams who turned it around under Joe Gibbs. The Giants are 0-2, and 0-4 doesn't look too far away. It's just killing me because I just get so geared up for these seasons wanting to root for them. And speaking of which, I think the Raiders have had expectations of potentially being a playoff team. I know there was a lot of excitement with Gruden, certainly a couple of years ago. They looked like they were going to get to the playoffs and didn't make it. But I think this victory over Baltimore on Monday Night Football, which was another great game. So on Monday you had this epic with the Ravens and the Raiders and then on Thursday you had this great game and then of course last Thursday You know before you had the great Tampa Bay game, so I gotta say football has been very enjoyable in the primetime But let's talk about that Raiders game for a second which of course happened the day after our show I think the Raiders have really turned the corner because I think this is a game that over the last few seasons They would have found a way to lose very similar to that Dolphins game last year, but they won it. Did you catch the, of course, Baltimore, again, in your backyard? I know you're a Cowboys fan, but did you catch last Monday night's game, Hawk?

Yeah, and I was rooting for the Ravens, and Lamar Jackson is one of my favorite players right now. It's just sad to see how that game ended up. He had a chance until he had that fumble. I know he's kicking himself after that.

And he fumbled twice. He fumbled twice. As a matter of fact, I think going into that game, because of all the weapons that were down with injury, everybody felt that Lamar Jackson was going to have to be superhuman. But the problem is, is a lot of people felt he could do it, and he was doing it, because when he takes off, it's just different. The only guy that I could even think about, I mean, Randall Cunningham was really great, he's been some running quarterbacks. But the only guy that I even, he's even in his company is Michael Vick. That whole phrase, like, he's just different. He is just different. Because when he moves, I mean, he's an elite world-class athlete and he's like slaloming through people like he's a world-class skier. They're just not, they're not touching him, Hawk. It's really incredible.

Yeah, untouchable. But yeah, that game went down to the wire and then I think it was a real gut check and definitely for them to win at home The fans were into it and to start the season off like that can only I think help them move forward

So that was the first NFL game at Allegiant Stadium with fans and the fans did not disappoint They came out in Moss. Not only that I think one of the other things which was really cool Was it was the debut of this Eli Manning? Peyton Manning, Simelcast. While you're watching the regular, traditional ESPN Monday Night Broadcast, on ESPN2 was Eli and Peyton both at their homes remotely, just talking about the game and inviting guests to the game. I know Russell Wilson stopped by, Travis Kelsey stopped by, among others. I watched it and I tell you, it was entertaining. And then of course, the way the game ended where it looked like the Raiders had won it. So Hawk, has that ever happened to you where a game is over, somebody hits a shot, and then they say, wait a second, there's three seconds left on the clock, and everybody had already congratulated themselves, fans come on, and then you have to actually get everybody else off? Because it has happened in basketball between Russia and USA. That's many years ago in the 70s, the famous repeated timeout timeout timeout I had it how to keep doing it until they got it right in Russia won Actually, actually, of course when I say got it, right? It was right USA got stolen back in the set. I think was the 72 Olympics, but But what about that Hawk when a team has to like really because once a game is over I think that energy flushes out right? I mean they were I mean Lamar Jack They were congratulating each other all of a sudden they said hey wait a second he was not down in the in the end zone you know you got to spot the ball to two and they were ready put up a final score the whole thing and then of course the deflection the cause an interception and now you're thinking the Ravens might actually win this game of course there was the fumble and then there was the touchdown but what do you think about you know that emotional rollercoaster when you just game face for 60 minutes it's a back-and-forth game. You think you won people are on the field that congratulate each other They're saying good game and then all of a sudden the refs come out and say hey, wait a second. What you think about that?

Huh? It's definitely like you said emotional roller coaster mentally physically you kind of like let the air out the air out of the balloon and then For the guys who think they won you're jumping around you excited and then like oh wow We got more time left Oh, he hit this shot same as like hitting the buzzer beater or you're in overtime And you you're up and you're thinking that's it somebody heaves it from half-court you sitting there It's like taking ten seconds for the ball to get there. They hit it You know it's kind of like it could be it could be mentally taxing But that's why you got to be able to be prepared for everything and dig deep. The game's not over until it's over.

Yeah, and we even just saw it this past playoffs, right? If you remember Phoenix, they thought the clock had expired. They wound up putting one second,.1 second back on the clock, where when it's.1 tenth of a second, the only thing left is a tip-in, and they got the DeAndre Ayton tip-in. Definitely. And that just happened. So in other words, it just is incredible how often it does happen that they go to the videotape and they find that dreaded 0.1 second and you know what that's all you need and that is a for those you who remember the very famous Stanford Cal game where you know the game was over and everybody rushed on the field and next thing you know They kick it off and you know here comes you know Cal, you know running through You know Stanford are running through and scored the touchdown where they hit the band in the end zone.

So think about those last second shots.

It's incredible.

There's slow motion and seeing when it leaves the fingertips, matching it up to the shot clock going off.

It's unbelievable. Well, listen, there's a very famous saying by a Hall of Fame Yankee, and it's cliche, and that is, it ain't over till it's over. Now it's by Yogi Berra, and true words have never been spoken. Of course, we are segueing into something about these last second and video replay So one of the more famous video replays where they did not come out and bring everybody back and the rumor was Was they actually feared for their lives now? That is that is an actual true story and that was a matchup we want to talk about So that was the Raiders and the Steelers in the 70s, you know the immaculate reception where you know the Steelers offer deflection Franco Harris picks it up You know right before it hits the turf and he runs it into the end zone. They famously won that playoff game the John Madden Wanted them to review it They were reviewing it and they came back and said the game was over and to this day John Madden claims He still has not been told the results of that review and the rumor is was that once the Steelers and again we're talking about Pittsburgh right we're talking about the 70s Pittsburgh Steel Town you know this is supposedly how it went that the lead official said to the police what's security like and the police just looked at him like you got no shot and they're like okay touch that okay touch down supposedly because Supposedly because the the referees had seen Evidence that the ball was first of all there was several things that were wrong on that play not that we wanted to go into The immaculate reception, but real quick you know back Then it was a double tap you could not have two guys tap the ball and an offensive man get them get the ball Very similar to an offensive lineman can only catch a pass off a deflection so an offensive lineman Just so you know unless you he says tackle eligible. That's why sometimes say oh, how come we can't throw it to that guy? Well, he's got to declare that he's an eligible receiver. So anyway, one of the more famous plays on football is, as a matter of fact, so famous that for any of you who travel and have gone to the Pittsburgh Airport, the statue of Franco Harris grabbing the ball off in midair, the Immaculate Reception, is a beautiful statue. I've flown into Pittsburgh many, many times with the B1 company and certainly has been incredible. We're going to get to football on the other side of 7.30, but for those of you who've been following the show and for any new listeners, welcome. As soon as we do our break in a few minutes here for our first half hour, on the other side of 7.30, we have our views from the Hawk Nest where our man D-Hawk picks a topic that is somewhat controversial, very discussionable. We've had topics like, who is the goat in certain sports? We've had other topics where the debate has been, do you go overseas or not go overseas if you're an NBA prospect? And all these things have just been really great dialogue. I'm excited to hear what we got today, but stick around for that. It's enjoyable. Just to remind everybody, you are listening to Inside the Lockers with JC and Dee Hawker. We come every Sunday, 7 to 8 a.m. Pacific, that's 10 to 11 on the East Coast if you are traveling. Hopefully, you've downloaded the KUNV app and we broadcast live from the campus, UNLV. It is football season. We are talking about multiple topics, but I do want to let the fans know if you're listening 702-895-5868. We'd love to hear from you whether it's something that we're speaking about or a topic you want us to address. Some of these controversies, some of these games. One last little controversy before we go to break Hawk for those of you who follow in the baseball race and it's been a great season. You know, the cameras are everywhere, so you can no longer have a little bit of a player blow up, a little beef as they say, without the cameras catching it. And the Padres are melting down like the Mets did. So the Padres were very firmly entrenched in the wild card spot, maybe even going to compete for the division. And then of course, we've had the Mets famously melt down. And yesterday, Machado and Tatis getting into it in the Dugout what do you think about that? Hawk about two guys in the thick of a race going at each other two stars on a team

I think that it happens way more often than people think that it happens You know you guys we're competitors or these guys competitors at the highest level and you know sometimes you don't agree on something and sometimes you have to let it out, and it doesn't come across as Nice or as calm as some people would expect, you know, you're in the heat of the moment so it comes across like you're barking at each other, but I think nowadays with the Social media and just the cameras at every angle. It's hard for anything to go and notice now So for these things probably happen in every game or some point way more often than we we think that it does

But yeah, it's just not just not so public I mean even years ago in the thick of a playoff race you had the famous Billy Martin Reggie Jackson for those you don't know just real quick before the break Tatis struck out didn't like the call started screaming at the umpire During the thick of the race you can get thrown out of a game for arguing balls and strikes and Machado basically said shut up This isn't about you. You know don't don't throw you get yourself thrown out of the game We need you batting the lineup which when you really dig it down a Hawk is very supportive right just the fact that he went at him like that but it's actually a compliment saying we need you but I'm gonna head into break right now and we're waiting for views from the Hawk nest coming out KUNV inside the lockers JC and D Hawk and we're back inside the lockers JC and D Hawk D Hawk we always have you right out of the break but we just have one quick call we want to take this is our man galaxy Glenn for those of you who listen to KUNV during the week. He does the afternoon drive, does an incredible job with it, was my mentor actually as I sought it out on Wednesdays before we got this show. Galaxy, your cowboy is going to even up the score today? How are you doing bro?

Well, I'm on my way to church right now to see to that. Well pray, pray on it. You know, it's like a good feeling because a San Diego guy, I've been looking for the Chargers for so many years, you know, living in the town, but I'm a diehard Cowboy fan and I think it's going to be a great game, but I'd like the Chargers to lose this game and it will go over. Cowboys and over.

Well, I got to tell you, I think there will be a lot of points. I would agree with that. I think the Cowboys Defense is still suspect although you got to give credit where credit is due They did you know grab a lot of turnovers which they didn't do last year So a lot of yards, but definitely some playmakers on that side of the ball And I think the one thing that was answered the all can I mentioned it you know Dak looked phenomenal And I think as long as he stays healthy and can play like that. There's just too much talent on that roster for them not to have a solid team. Certainly the Giants and the Redskins look like they're just not that good. A lot of shout-outs to the Eagles for what they did. I actually thought Jalen Hurts would play well and he did. But always appreciate you checking in if you don't mind. And I do my own praying, but it's always good to have a few extra while you're in church.

Oh yeah. Always pray for my loved ones. Real quick, I want you to just talk about it, and you two gentlemen got great chemistry. I love your show. But you mentioned about cameras everywhere, and Tatis and Machado blew up. Do you think Machado finally got an opportunity to tell Tatis it's not about you, when it is about Tatis? I think it was, you know, he really needed to get that off his chest, and he used that window. You think there might be a little jealousy, because Tatis is the man in San Diego.

I got to say, I really think you raise a very interesting point here. Manny Machado is a guy who has been ridiculed his entire career because he's one of those guys that looks like he's not going hard. And there's a few of those guys throughout history that just by the way they play, people think they're smoothness. Now Manny Machado is a great talent, no doubt about it. Obviously, a $300-$400 million man, everybody wanted him, but I think even he is surprised. I've been at some Padres games live. You raise a great point, Alex Lee. I believe that he's shocked that it is Tatis' team, definitively Tatis' team. Tatis, for all of his stardom, has definitely left some guys, ducks on the pond as they say in some big moment Very productive. He's productive. Also, there's a big spread right Machado's about 29 30 years old He's been in the game a good, you know, eight nine years now Tatissa 22 He's a kid. You only been up in the majors now two years So I think there is some jealousy and I think finally Machado saw an opening to say, you know, really what he's saying, if I'm reading you right, he's saying to the crowd, he ate the guy. That's what he's saying. He ate the guy because he struck out. And there's 17 games left. You're only a game and a half out. You're playing the Cardinals. But here's the other point of all of that. The Padres did have a two-run lead. And again, they could have a bigger lead if obviously Tatis was getting more hits. But when it comes down to the dog days of summer You really need those arms. That's why you know the Giants are doing so well of course That's why the Dodgers did eventually start doing so well just too much talent in that bullpen But but the Padres had a two-run lead and couldn't hold it the pitching in the back end has let them down because Darvish You have an inning of no-run ball, and then you give up two runs late, so that's really what it comes down to again I was never really a big Yankee fan But the one guy I did always have respect for was Mariano Rivera. Just a guy who just shut the door. I mean, when you were up, and that's what it takes in today's baseball community. You have to have, there's only a handful of them. There's only a handful of guys that really can come in the eighth and ninth inning and wrap that up.

Well, listen, I want to thank you for taking my call. Thank you, D-Hawk, for yielding for this quick hot moment. I'm going to continue to enjoy your show, and you guys keep us entertained and informed.

Appreciate you, Galaxy. So we're going to go right to a view from the Hawk's Nest. And, again, this is the D-Hawk kind of editorial on a topic. Hawk, what do you got for us this week?

Once again, good morning, ladies and gentlemen, to all our listeners, on this segment of views from the Hawk's Nest. I want you to picture this with me. You get your name called on draft night all of a sudden you go from amateur to professional bank account on swole now do you wake up that same person or do you change do the people around you change my answer to that is yes and yes I feel like for the most part money definitely changes you and the things that you can do and I feel like it changes the people around you. Now, that's not necessarily a negative thing because it doesn't necessarily change you for the worse. It could change the situation so you can help more people. You could be able to get your family out of certain situations or your friends. Some people change for the worst. They could have been, you know, looked down upon all these years or been the butt of the jokes and now the joke mound that they have, it's like it's not fun when the rabbit has the gun. So they have, now they have the means to do what they want and some people don't remain humble or use their blessings to not help people but to kind of turn their nose up on people. But I feel like the fame has something to do with that as well. It's not just the money. Now how can you remain the same 100% where you can't go to certain places without people running up to you getting your autograph or paparazzi following you around. So naturally you have to change. I mean it's only human. But like I said it's not necessarily a bad thing or a negative thing. I think people, depending on how you grow up or depending on the fundamentals and basically the integrity that you have and been instilled into you, what do you do when you all of a sudden have this blessing? Who are you, who do you have to take care of? Do you have to take care of anybody? For the people on the outside, do they feel entitled for you to help them out? I feel like you have to, you know, most guys I know for myself, when you're growing up and if you're blessed enough to still have your parents around, is I can't wait to get my mother a house. You know, like I feel like the people, your mother first off, but maybe your father or auntie, grandmother, that person who's put their time and not just their money into you, but their effort and their time to help build who you are and get you to your level of success, I feel that you do owe them or you should give back to them to show your appreciation. Close friends, family, with the people reaching out all of a sudden, you can't make everybody happy, ladies and gentlemen, and you know that. So as long as you're happy, it's okay to say no sometimes, and that doesn't make you a bad person. I mean, that you changed because you can't help everybody else. But I feel like a lot of people get their fingers pointed at them and like, oh, he's changed now that he got money. Nah, look at yourself, Amir. You changed. You wasn't approaching this person or expecting them to do anything before the money. So why are you changing now to the fact of feeling like they owe you something or asking them? What you think, JC?

Yeah, and we spoke about this off air, I think the bigger part is the people around you. I think that it's inevitable you're going to change a little bit, but every situation is different. I mean, if you really come from nothing and then you're thrust with a ton of money, you know, and nobody's watching out for you, we've seen a lot of those horror stories. But I think a bigger part of those horror stories are the company that you keep, because Because the moment you have the resources to do the things that could harm you on a repetitive basis, and not only that, the fame and the spotlight, I think those are the things that are really the downfall more than the individual. Because the individual has to have some level of not only talent but discipline. There's a lot of guys, Hawk, and we both know the list of them that were born with incredible talent and did not make it to the league because there was a lack of dedication to the craft and commitment. So those individuals that do have the ability to get all the way to the league, they don't just have God-given talent. They have something a little more. But it's the people around them that do change and I agree with you. I think if the question is, does money change you or does it change the people around you or both? I think it's a small yes. I think it's a yes for both. I think it's a small yes or like a question mark for the individual, but I think it's a yes with an exclamation point for the family and friends and the entourage because I think that's what really – because in other words, unless you have an entourage of let's say a buddy that you trained with that didn't have your ability and he's like, hey man, let me be your manager, let me be your guy, and this is very similar to the childhood friend of like, you know LeBron James right where they're kind of like doing some very positive things together things like that But when you have like a crew and that crew is not necessarily You know really driven and their whole thing was kind of just getting by or maybe even there I say You know walk in the gray area of what's legal or not legal in this country Now when you give those guys the resources now, it's like the very stereotypical making it rain at a strip club, couple of extra ability to get some drugs on the frequent as opposed to scrounging to maybe just like kind of party a little bit on the weekends. That's where you see some of these guys that really should have, or even women, dare I say, female athletes. Of course, we have the men more popularized. I think a lot of it does come, you know, you said what environment did you grow up in? I mean, there's an example happening right now as we speak live. Emma Raducano, 18 years old, just won the U.S. Open. The check for winning that last week is 1.8 million. So how does this feel like kind of a whole different take on all this? So they asked her Friday on a talk show, how does she like the money, what is she going to do with the money? She said, and I'm quoting, doesn't even know if the money is in her bank account yet and she's giving it to her parents and they'll know what to do with it. That could also be a whole other thing because we have a lot of Macaulay Culkin stories out there because when you come into money, a lot of people always say, and of course we're a show about athletes, so we're thinking athletics, but let me tell you something, there are bands that are two or three years trying to get a record out and just a couple of kids from the neighborhood and then they hit it big and you hear about their kind of parties. So it's not just athletes, it's musicians. I just think that that whole thing, when you finally make it and here comes that money, even lottery winners, somebody who basically was a regular Joe hits for like $5, $10, $20 million and then you find out not only did they lose all their money, Hawk, but everything that they had before they had the money is gone. The house is gone. The wife is gone. It's like, wow, what happened? I actually have a lottery winner cousin in my house. Several years ago, a cousin of mine hit the floor at a lottery for like 11.8 million and I remember visiting, going and my family had a little bit of money so we weren't going over there to ask for anything But I remember we went there to congratulate them like I haven't even seen this woman my whole life now because she hit the lottery But going to see her like You know like who cares? Make any sense, but you know I mean you know for the most part I think the biggest problem is it changes the people around you because they feel like oh, we're paid now You made it we made it right we made it We were paid now, and you know they're just there are just those horror stories. But I think people are unfamiliar that in the NFL, rookies actually have a rookie symposium now where people like Chris Carter and other famous men come and tell people about the pitfalls. One of the more popular guys in sports, Rob Gronkowski, has said that to this day, and He has still not spent a single penny from his contracts. He's been using all of his contracts from rookie year in the bank. The only money he'll allow himself to spend is marketing money. And of course, he's made several million dollars, but basically the only money he'll allow himself to spend. There are guys that get it. There are guys that are aware of the pitfalls, but again, Shaq, military family, who are we talking about? I think it just cannot be underestimated, that upbringing that you have. If you have a strong parental, and it doesn't have to be parents. It can be grandparents, even a sister. I know that you're very close with your sister, Hawks. In other words, somebody that you trust. Doesn't necessarily be mama or papa. That's why I say grab my son and build a foundation. Talk man, or hey JC, where are we going, what are we doing? You said it's hard to say no, right? People don't want to say no. So, part of it is influence, a part of it is you don't want to say no, a part of it is a person wants to kind of go down that road. Before you know it, all the things that made you a star you're not doing, suddenly you're not a star anymore. The funny thing is that these guys learn the hard way that a lot of times when your money dries up, your friends dry up. And I will tell you one example that's got nothing to do with sports, but it's right on topic, and yet again, it's another great topic. Just keep crushing it, Hawk, every week. So I myself was a commodities broker on Wall Street, and my offices were in the Trade Center. You know, last 9-11, a little bit emotional for me, the 20-year anniversary, I wasn't at work that day, so by the grace of God, you know, spared some OT hours, as they say. But the long and short of it is when all that went down I made a career change. I famously went to go coach at Marist High School. I wanted to get back into my athletics and I kind of really have steered clear. Even my company B1 right now is very deeply rooted in athletics which was my upbringing and my first love. So it kind of moved away from a a very very lucrative job. Now I had a lot of people that when I would go to work every day, Hawk, I mean because I held the keys to the kingdom, you know, what's going to trade that day inside information as it were and who can make money just by being my friend, not that I was breaking the law, but you know, information is exchanged, you know, even just discussionary and even that could be enough depending upon who's saying it, right? Like if you're talking to a weatherman, the weatherman says, yeah, I don't know if that game is going to go over because I think a bad weather is coming in. You know, again, not that he's lying or that he's cheating the game, but because it's a weatherman, you're going to have more weight on what he's saying. So I had that kind of weight in the trading. You know, Hawk, the moment that I left my trading job, all of those people who called me friend, all of those people who were inviting me to parties and doing certain things, I never heard from any of them. I never had crickets, bro. I never heard from them again. All of a sudden, because I wasn't like the golden goose, all that love and all those different compliments and everything else, I never saw those people again. It does change people the moment that you are no longer. You find out who you are. As they say, you find out who your friends are. Just a great topic, but to those of you who are listening, who are younger, who have dreams of playing sports. Just make sure your dream is for the sport, the money will come with it, and then when you get that money, make sure you understand that it's just a tool in the shed, it's not the most important tool. The most important tool are your family and friends and your foundation, and that will be what I think will carry you through. So we've got 10 minutes talk, and as we did last week and we'll do every week We have our pick segment coming. I think we were able to pick a lot of cool Upsets last week. I had the Eagles I think a lot of people thought that the Falcons were just a gimme but I know too much about that young man Jalen hurts I'm very happy for him to see you know what he did There was some other kind of great games Justin Herbert, you know came out and got that great win for the Chargers I think one of the more exciting games was the Lions that came all the way back from you know Three touchdowns down had a chance to kind of tie it there at the end But with that let's get right to it Hawk so first game up. We got Cincinnati at Chicago Joe Burrow showing no ill effect from that serious knee injury Difference maker definitely changing the course of that franchise want to know Andy Dalton. I think continues to just not impress Probably, you know his last year in the NFL as a starter in my opinion Of course the Bears defense is something, you know to respect Although I think the Rams kind of beat him up pretty good last Sunday night. Who do you like there?

Hawk, I think the Bears come on like you said with their defense They come away with this one. Like I'm not I'm very excited about Joe Burrow. Like I said, I thought he was gonna bounce back from the injury and he looked good But I think the Bears defense holds them off and they get that win today. I'm on the other side

I think Joe Burrow is the difference maker. I think the quarterback Play has become very important in this league could be low score in 1714 But I don't think the Bears offense has enough. Houston-Cleveland, one of the more interesting games of the day. Cleveland, of course, gave Kansas City all they wanted in the playoffs. They followed it up last week, out of the gate strong. And then Kansas City just showing how great they are. Cleveland made one mistake. They didn't make a bunch of mistakes. They made one mistake. They dropped a punt. And next thing you know, here comes Kansas City. They won the game. But Cleveland did show the world that last year was not a fluke. Crazy talented. Houston, without Deshaun Watson, still trying to navigate that mess. But they did win against a very not-ready-for-prime-time Jacksonville team. But this spread makes no sense to me. Thirteen and a half. I guess you would say you like Cleveland to win the game, but let me put you on the spot. Who do you like with the spread, Hawk? Thirteen and a half. I'm going to go Texas to cover that i agree i i'm i'm missing the boat here so all i can tell you i don't know ladies and gentlemen if cleveland wins by two touchdowns today and you see me on the street i will be the one with my cup in a hand you will not do not ask me for money because to me this looks like you know this is the one where you get your mortgage your car note you know you put your jewelry in you lick your finger you peel off your pinky ring you throw that into the mix and you say give me everything I can On this particular game. I I can't make this one out the heads of tails thirteen and a half seems like way too many For the Houston Texans despite the fact that the Texans are you know on the surface a dumpster fire? Just seemed seems like a lot of points. The Rams were very impressive in week one the Colts I think a lot of people expect a lot out of the Colts, very lackluster. They are at home again, back-to-back weeks. Rams are a road favorite. Who do you like there, Hawk? Rams, Colts?

I like the Rams.

I like the Rams, too. I think Matthew Stafford is the real deal with that team. He's been the real deal for a lot of years now, and everybody's expecting the Rams to be the sexy Super Bowl contender. I think they're going to be 12-4, 13-3, just picking up right where they left off last year, have a lot of that roster back, really healthy. And the Steelers just hung around, hung around, until finally got the best of Buffalo. Miami should have lost last week. The Patriots, who got rid of Cam Newton because he gave the ball away too much, found their running back Harris, given that he dropped it on the ground, and that was enough to have Miami run the clock out instead of a last-second field goal by the Patriots. So the Miami is a questionable 1-0, but they are 1-0. Division game, Buffalo on the road in Miami. Who do you like, Hawk?

I like the Bills to cover and bounce back from last week's game.

I gotta tell you, this is gonna be a little crazy, but as much as I kinda just sold it as if Miami should not be 1-0, and Buffalo is the team that everyone's expect. I like Miami. I think Buffalo I Know it's only one game. I think Buffalo for some reason is not gonna live up not right now I'm waiting for them to show me something. So I'll be hoping that they show me something but I like Miami New England looking to bounce back against the Jets the Jets feel like Wilson did some good things last week Still a rookie still the Jets. Oh, what do you think? I'm going with New England. Yeah, I'm going with the Patriots. The Jets just look like, ouch. I hope the kid Wilson works out. Maybe that'll change the culture,

but for right now... And disclaimer, I don't think I'll ever pick the Jets. That's why I'm

picking New England. Yeah, I mean, I'm a Namath fan. I'm from New York, but I'm all Giants. The Jets are just, no, no, no. Okay, here's another interesting game. So you got the 49ers who did win who did look great then took their foot off the gas I think learned a valuable lesson When you're playing in a professional setting you can never take your foot off the gas too many good people on the other side just you Know eventually had that game had five more minutes left in it. I think Detroit would have won it That's how much momentum was on their side But they are a road favorite going into Philly who had a very impressive win

Against the Falcons on the road now Philly's at home. What do you like in this game? I like how the 49ers looked last week and today. Like you said, took their foot off the gas. But those Eagles, they came on and they put

their work in on the road and I think they win at home today. So for anyone listening to us in New York, and I do have some of my friends who do check in on this show from time to time, this is going to be a sacrilege, picking the Eagles. But just so that we're keeping it real and keeping the 100 and bringing you the truth. I like the Eagles I the Eagles at home getting points. I'll take them. Of course our team here in Vegas very impressive resilient in week one they travel cross-country to Pittsburgh The home of the famous Immaculate Reception back when they were the Oakland Raiders a little bit of a big number here I'm a little surprised although Josh Jacobs star running back definitely a key to that offense will not play today that's a big loss uh... raiders uh... going into pittsburgh we think they are

undergo pittsburgh this for that exact reason them losing a running back and uh... even with that when and i know they have a momentum i think that uh... still is hope circle server

well tell you how can have the las vegas community welcoming you and you pick it against their team. That may not be the... I keep them real. Yeah, all right, well, you know, you're right. Not the best PR move, but okay, I'm with you. I think my... wait, phone ringing? People are asking about your contract, Hawk. Anyway, so I'm actually... I'm going to take the PR high road. I'm taking the points. I'm taking the ratings. I'm not stupid. You know, I got a show on the air for the Las Vegas Market. I'm not picking against them. No, but actually I do like the Raiders. I think the Raiders can score. One thing I think for that game, I think a lot of points. So if you were going to, so inclined to put money on the game, I think the points are the thing you could bank on there. Speaking of points, the Saints put up a ton of them against Green Bay. Carolina, you know, a lackluster win against the Jets, but there is a win they are at home for back-to-back weeks the Saints have seven coaches out with kovat So the Saints at Carolina, what do you think? I like James Winston. I think he's gonna be the running for MVP this year, and I really like that kid loved him a Florida State I've liked him his whole career even with the turnovers. I'm with you. I like the Saints Denver knocked around the Giants last week That's not saying much, but I think Teddy Bridgewater Continues to impress just a steady engine. I think the Jaguars got a lot of talent. They're a year or two away Denver in Jackson away think Like Denver probably most impressive win last week was the way Arizona went into Tennessee and knocked the snot out of them Both on both sides of the ball Chandler Jones was a beast could not be kept out Arizona was just putting up points like it was a pinball machine Minnesota, you know Kirk Cousins just not a believer, Minnesota in Arizona. What do you think? All right, so we got a couple of games that we probably won't make it to but while we still got one minute here Let's get the Galaxy's game and your game. You're a Dallas fan Dallas going to the Chargers They're a fake dog. They've had the extra day because they opened up on a Thursday night. What do you think? think Hawk? Cowboys baby let's get in that win column. I'm gonna stick to what I said a moment ago about the Raiders game. I think the play here is the points. I do like Dak. I think the charges though are a complete team. I'm gonna go LA Chargers. So you have listened to Inside the Lockers. Find us every Sunday 7 to 8 a.m. right here live on KUNV. Download us on the app and we will see you next week. Lockers. Find us every Sunday 7 to 8 a.m. right here live on KUNV. Download us on the app and we will see you next week.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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